Why Brick is Better

Brick is better for four reasons:


Brick provides the highest degree of wall strength and protection against, fire, extreme wind, and airborne debris. Remember the 3 little pigs?


A brick home provides an emotional feeling of warmth. Surveys show that people feel a brick home offers more “homeliness”.


Brick provides a wide diversity of color, texture, and applications that can help make your home a reflection of your unique personality. You can do so much more when you design a home in Brick.

Environmentally friendly

Brick’s unsurpassed life cycle, exceptional energy efficiency, natural ingredients, minimal waste and countless recycling options are just a few of the properties that make brick the superb sustainable material it has been for thousands of years.

Planning on painting your brick?

Painting brick can give a consistent and uniform look and also allow you to match to any color for your specific project. Triple G Brick now makes a brick specific for painting with our unique texture and no coating for better paint adhesion.

Looking to add warmth and richness to your next project?

Triple G Brick now makes thin brick, a perfect option for interior applications like walls, ceilings and floors. Thin brick is 5/8″ thick and offers weight and depth advantages, allowing it to serve in applications where full sized brick may not be appropriate.
Thin brick can be used on:

•  Walls and backsplashes, including arches
•  Ceilings
•  Floors

A thin brick version is available in every color we make. Please contact us for your particular project’s needs. 



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